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pockmark v : mark wit pockmarks; "Her face was pockmarked by the disease"

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  1. A mark or scar in the skin caused by a pock.

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mark or scar
  • Finnish: rokonarpi

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Pockmarks are crater-shaped scars on a person's face, usually the result of acne or infections such as chicken pox. The word can also be used to refer to a cratered surface, such as that of a moon or the façade of a building.


Pockmarks may also refer to shallow seabed depressions, typically several tens of metres across and a few metres deep. Generally, they are formed in soft, fine-grained seabed sediments by the escape of fluids (gas or water, but mainly methane) into the water column. ("Pockmarks in the UK sector of the North Sea", by A G Judd, August 2001). SeaSeepTM datasets capture information on pockmarks in the search for offshore oil and gas.
As mud volcanoes are on land, pockmarks in the sea bottom can be associated with earthquake areas. Many scientists suggest monitoring gas emissions and activity from seabed pockmarks because they can help predict strong earthquakes, thus saving lives.

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